Theme of the year 2010

  Theme of the year 2014-2015

  School Theme 

2014- is yet another year to persue on the theme 'Plant A Seed And Frucity The Nation Through Education'. The values we imbibe in our students today must bear rich fruits tomorrow for the Nation and the world at large. Education must focus on developing students' physical, emotional and spiritual quotient to the hightest to create a better India and a better world.

International Theme of the Year - Crystallography, Family Farming

United Nations recognized the importance of the science of Crystallography by proclaiming that year 2014 would be International Year of Crystallography. Crystallography is a science that examines the arrangement of atoms in solids. The word is derived from Greek words crystallon-cold drop/frozen drop and grapho –write.

Year 2014 is International Year of Family Farming(IYFF) aims to raise the profile of family farming and small holder farming by focusing world attention on its significant role in eradicating hunger and poverty, providing food security and nutritious, improving livelihoods, managing natural recourses, protecting the environment, and achieving sustainable development in particular in rural areas.  



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