On 15th July, we are celebrating the Carmelite Feast, a day that celebrates and spread blissfulness and spiritual enlightenment. It also reminds the people all over the world who devotedly offer themselves to the service of humanity about the power of deep faith in God. We wish all of you a very Happy Feast Day.



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Message From The Manager


The modern day teacher - a teacher in the true sense has not merely to teach, what is given in the text books but to encourage students to question and to motivate them. Today's youth does not need teachers who merely impart information. They can discover it from the latest technology. They need someone to guide them, mentor them so that they can communicate freely and with due respect. The role of a mentor is to provide conducive and congenial environment to the students so that they are able to express their ideas, creativity, thought and perceptions. The teacher should be passionate about teaching and be affectionate towards adventure. The teacher must make learning a voyage of discovery and adventure. She must not impose her views on them. A great writer and philosopher Khalil Gibran has said - " A teacher is indeed wise if he/she does not bid you to enter the house of her wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. For the vision of one man lends not its wings to another rman", She can and she must guide the students to live in harmony with people and with nature.

Learning leads to creativity and creativity leads to thinking which provides knowledge and knowledge takes you to great heights. We all are born with a divine spark of knowledge and it depends on how education opens the gates that lead to virtue or to happiness. Education is to give light to this spark and enlighten the world with goodness. Lourdes Convent with the motto of "Truth and Love" always spreads fragrance of love and truth in the world and dignity, poise, commitment are all synonymous to a Lourdian. We not only teach but nurture them.

This is my dream and vision of education - and I hope and pray that we take steps - albeit small steps, towards this direction and impart education in the true sense.

Sr. Edwina