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Message From The Principal


To educate the young in this smart era is to unlock their creativity and let their ideas take wings. Education, primarily is not only to impart knowledge but also to inculcate the best human and universal values. The super humans with their brilliant intelligence need to be guided to take a stride on the path most suitable to them wherein they care for God’s creation and live in co-existence.

A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities. The doors of opportunities are open to the young minds to express their views freely and reflectively without any pre -conditioned judgments. The academic year that  unfolded with the theme Mercy - The Spring of Divine Goodness, carried the year along different shores of works of Mercy. Every act of mercy was coated with empathy towards all. It has been an exceptional year adorned with many laurels and accolades. These proud moments soared our spirits high, geared us to perform better, strive harder and be confident with total commitment and dedication in the practice of this noblest of all professions.

Dear Lourdians, in this fleeting and techno savvy world, work towards sole aim to achieve excellence by giving in your best. Develop your own style, be your original self and reach the pinnacle. Live a life of faith and courage even if it means being alone and different. Commitment, dedication and perseverance will help you in achieving your aims successfully.

Sr. Bindhu