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         Utmost care and attention has been given to the materials, textures and colours and lighting of the spaces, in order to create a positive and engaging environment which lead to an atmosphere that is pious, warm and buzzing with activity at the same time.

Class Rooms


         At Lourdes every classroom is the students’ world. The School has 2 buildings with well-ventilated classrooms.

Cultural Hall


         The Cultural Hall placed in the Primary School Building witnesses interesting events like leadership day, teachers' day celebrations, science and art & craft exhibitions, seminars, inter house & inter school competitions, farewells and many other note-worthy activities. The hall has a stage with light and latest sound facilities. It also has a projector and multimedia support which makes all the activities conducted here exciting and modern.



         The Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, devoted to our Mother Mary, is a beacon o f light, love, hope, courage and inspiration for all Lourdians. The candles lit here ignite the light of confidence in our students and they experience the divine love of Mother Mary in the pious ambience created near the Grotto.



         The chemistry, physics and biology labs allow young students to foster a spirit of questioning and enquiry to inculcate scientific temperament. Students get hands on learning experiences and expert intervention.



         A LIBRARY OF THOUGHTS. At Lourdes it’s dynamic equipped with the books, magazines and CDs covering a wide range of subjects. Teachers have a separate research space with computer and internet facilities where they can carry academic subject research or other related work. The library’s mandate is to foster independent, life- long learning through collaboration, providing information and learning resources, instructions and technology.

Technology Campus


         In this age of Computer Technology, an early exposure to the basics of computer prepares the child for future endeavors. The school has a policy of one computer per child and both the computer labs in the school are adequately equipped for the same. Internet connectivity is provided to the students and teachers in internet enabled zone.

Staff Rooms


         We have well equipped staff rooms in the Primary and Secondary buildings, where teachers plan their lessons, do their correction work, discuss subject content and have their personal space.



         The playground is where children learn valuable lessons about trust, teamwork, patience and following rules. Moreover, a well – designed playground allows teachers to extend their classroom and physical education activities outdoors for a new perspective and a creative approach to learning.

Art Studio


         Art “Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” – Oscar Wilde One of the objectives of education is to inculcate in children the appreciation of beauty and to help them develop aesthetics. The Art Programs at Lourdes facilitates the children to acquire knowledge about artistic terms, facts, concepts in drawing and paintings. Emphasis are laid on imagination, creativity, observation and interest and also provide opportunities and grant exposure in sketching, poster colours, fabric printings and also conducting workshops for the students.

NCC Store Room


         N.C.C, A Para military force at school level was started five years ago with 26 cadets. Since then the number of students have increased manyfolds. Students undergo enormous training which have future scope. Camps are organized regularly during the year. Students have attended R.D.A. camp and have participated in R.D.A. parade. They have also won appreciation and awards for march-past at the police parade ground on Independence Day and Republic Day. The best cadet receives an award every year.