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Welcome to Lourdes Convent School, a pioneer in quality education for girls in Surat.

At the heart of the Lourdian philosophy is commitment to women’s empowerment through education. Over the last 62 years the fertile grounds of Lourdes Convent has nourished inquisitive minds and the Lourdians look back with pride and attribute their success to the school.

Apart from professional success, our value-based education aims at character building, as we believe that an upright character is a precondition to personal happiness and mental well-being.

Situated at a prime location in the city the school takes pride in providing a safe and conducive environment to the students.

The missionary zeal of the Carmalite sisters and the dedicated work of the staff makes Lourdes Convent a promising institute for Generation-next.

Why Lourdes?

  1. The focus is not only academics but on overall development.
  2. Provides equal attention to every child and is ready to go beyond the obvious wherever and whenever it becomes necessary.
  3. Has qualified, experienced and caring teachers.
  4. A management with history of service, commitment and dedication, which has consistently produced worthy and successful citizens.
  5. Has excellent infrastructure for providing good education.
  6. Inclucates Moral values.

Mission & Vision

We stand for Truth and Love

The Mission and Vision of Lourdes Convent is to promote education with excellence to the students to develop them into academically, socially, spiritually, and physically fit citizens of tommorrow.

  1. To make them compatible with the competitive world.
  2. To create them into a balanced and comprehensive personality.
  3. Instill in them the need for service to others before self.
  4. To help them acquire maximum stress resistence capability.
  5. To value life in every form.
  6. To be respectful and tolerant towards other faiths.
  7. Integrate and extend their knowledge through critical and creative thinking.
  8. Letting students demonstrate their learning through project display, presentations, inferential, and performance assessment.
  9. Helping students acquire and apply information, knowledge, and skills from a wide variety of sources within and beyond the school.
  10. Regularly use technology to gather and analyze information and ideas.