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The clubs are an integral part of students' activities at Lourdes Convent School. School clubs provide activities for students of all interests and abilities and provide them with a platform to showcase what they learn in class. The essence of the club activities is to make the members better in their fields during the process of performing the club activities. These clubs also serve as social mixers and allow students to meet others with similar interests.                                                                                                                                  

THE CREATIVE CLUB : Creative club is aimed to fulfill a number of functions, such as helping a student to increase her knowledge of arts and providing a venue for her to express her creativity. Students in creative club develop their skills further than the limited time they get in the  classroom. Students create group projects such as making a movie and learn about the various skills involved in that process. Students also learn how to prepare for an art exhibition. Additionally, students develop their skills in a variety of forms of artistic expression such as sculpture, painting, pottery, mural making. They enjoy decorating the stage and hall on various festivals and competitions held in school.

Photography club : The Photography club gives students concrete opportunities to not only hone their talent but also showcase it through various events. The club holds interaction with established photographers from the region thus making students aware of the professional aspects of this field. The students capture numerous important events in the school and outside, participate in competitions, go for heritage walks etc. Children are also taught to use photography as an awareness tool for various issues that strike a chord with them.

THE LITERARY CLUB : Pen is mightier than the sword- that’s the foundation on which the club has based its vision. From discussing stalwarts of literature to nurturing tomorrow’s literary laureates, the club empowers the students with the power of dialogue. The literary club members get an opportunity to meet journalists and authors, participate in in-house writing competition and other literary competitions. A book club is on the cards that will expose the children to the essence of great literary masterpieces of our times and encourage them to develop a habit of leisure reading.

Editorial board : Established with an aim to cater to the interest of students with a journalistic bent of mind, the editorial board educates the students about the nuances of journalism- both in the process of writing and editing. The editorial board edits ‘Lourdzter’ – the school newsletter Voices – the school magazine, and promotes reading and writing in English, Hindi and Gujarati languages. Students get an opportunity to test their aptitude for journalism before they take a plunge in the future.