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Student Council


On the day spring of 13 September 2023, marked the emergence of our investiture ceremony. We have been exhilarated to begin this journey with our maxim “Envisioned to Explore”. Our student council inculcates in them the need for service to others before self.  We are dedicated in fabricating a supportive environment where students can explore their interests, share their ideas and put their skills to benefit. The privileged inherent in this appointment files us with both humility and an unshakable sense of duty; to form a mosaic of diversity and brilliance for our institution; a hallowed, arena of enlightenment and growth that beckons us to leave an indelible imprint. As we implore ourselves to engage in fostering wellness and vitality through education, by embracing the spirit of exploration, we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do. We are all set to take our motto of “TRUTH & LOVE    to newer brighter horizons.

Head Girl Shreya Lekhadia
Asst.Head Girl Uzma kunda
Red House Head Prefect Reeva Sonani
Red House Vice Prefect Khanak Savani
Green House  Prefect Kashish Kapoor
Green House Vice Prefect Chahna Shah
Yellow House Head Prefect Diya Pandya
Yellow House Vice Prefect Dhanvi Lochawala
Blue House Head Prefect Yashvi Patel
Blue House Vice Prefect Mansi Hahdvaid
Eco-Club Prefect Kinjal Modi
Creative Club Prefects Anushri Das, Pashin Doctor
Literary Club Prefect Afrah Sabuwala
Kindness Club Prefects Jessica Umrigar, Charvi Shah
Sports Club Prefects Ariana Parabia