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Lourdes Convent High School

The History of Lourdes Convent School 

              In 1958 sisters of Sacred Heart established Lourdes Convent School. With humble beginnings having only 26 students to start with in the Pre-Primary section, every year more number of students and classes were added to become a full fledged school having co-education up to SSC Board.

In the year 1978 Carmelite Sisters took over the institution from the sisters of Sacred Heart. The Carmelite Sisters are women consecrated to God under the patronage of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Motivated and inspired by the zeal of their charismatic foundress, Mother Mary Theresa Veronica, carry out the work of education and other work of mercy in many parts of the country. The congregation took root at  Holy Angels Convent, Trivandrum, from where it spread its branches in India and abroad serving the social cause of imparting education in a noble way.

 Lourdes Convent School has The Pre-Primary section known as Prem Niketan, the Primary, Secondary, and the Higher Secondary sections.

There after the school has been constantly upgrading its Standard, infrastructure, academics, sports, technology and discipline to provide the best to the students.


The Congregation of Carmelite Religious was founded by Mother Veronica of Passion on July 16th, 1868, in France.

Mother Veronica (nee Sophie Leeves) was born on October 1, 1823, Constantinople of English Anglican parents. The atmosphere of love in her home culminated in her outstanding love for God which was expressed in her tendency to serve the helpless, the afflicted and the sick. She received a liberal education in this happy, religious cultured atmosphere. Thus, we have in Mother Veronica, a highly accomplished woman of strong faith, fluent in Greek, French, German, her native English and several other languages. She came to India as Sister of St. Joseph of the Apparition. She concentrated on education of girls, empowerment of women and the less privileged.

Her strong desire for a life of contemplation led her to opt for the Cloistered Carmel of Pau. Prior to her entry into Carmel she trained young Sister at Bayonne, France to work in India. She was a great visionary and she braved many hardships to fulfill her dreams.

Following in the footsteps of Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ and our foundress Mother Veronica, her daughters, seek to enkindle the fire of Divine Love in the hearts of all God’s children. Through education and other works of mercy, they seek to promote the Kingdom with Values of Justice, Fellowship and Freedom, thereby bringing harmony in the society, especially to the ‘target group’ of the locality.

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Student Council

On the day spring of 13 September 2023, marked the emergence of our investiture ceremony. We have been exhilarated to begin this journey with our maxim “Envisioned to Explore”. Our student council inculcates in them the need for service to others before self.  We are dedicated in fabricating a supportive environment where students can explore their interests, share their ideas and put their skills to benefit. The privileged inherent in this appointment files us with both humility and an unshakable sense of duty; to form a mosaic of diversity and brilliance for our institution; a hallowed, arena of enlightenment and growth that beckons us to leave an indelible imprint. As we implore ourselves to engage in fostering wellness and vitality through education, by embracing the spirit of exploration, we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do. We are all set to take our motto of “TRUTH & LOVE    to newer brighter horizons.

Head Girl Shreya Lekhadia
Asst.Head Girl Uzma kunda
Red House Head Prefect Reeva Sonani
Red House Vice Prefect Khanak Savani
Green House  Prefect Kashish Kapoor
Green House Vice Prefect Chahna Shah
Yellow House Head Prefect Diya Pandya
Yellow House Vice Prefect Dhanvi Lochawala
Blue House Head Prefect Yashvi Patel
Blue House Vice Prefect Mansi Hahdvaid
Eco-Club Prefect Kinjal Modi
Creative Club Prefects Anushri Das, Pashin Doctor
Literary Club Prefect Afrah Sabuwala
Kindness Club Prefects Jessica Umrigar, Charvi Shah
Sports Club Prefects Ariana Parabia




Anthuriums are thick, shiny, ribbed and wrinkled, while the leaves are large and glossy. Anthuriums are internationally produced and sold as both cut flowers and potted flowering plants.

VIRTUE - Justice
PATRON - Nelson Mandela


Shamrock is a Symbol of Bounty. They bring Good Luck. It was informally used as an emblem for sports teams and states organizations.

VIRTUE - Loyalty
PATRON - Swami Vivekananda


Daffodils are the most Popular flowers Symbolizing Friendship. When daffodils arise from the ground it is considered as the en of winter and the beginning of a warm summer representing regard, rebirth, new beginnings, unrequited love and chivalry.

VIRTUE - Peace
PATRON - Mother Teresa

Blue Bells

Bluebells instill the spirit of Truth, Love and Non- Violence. It reflects the thought and action of constant untiring and enduring efforts.

VIRTUE - Truth
PATRON - Mahatma Gandhi

theme of the year


Made entirely of raw materials, found in nature, 'Glass' is simple and does no significant harm to the environment. Known for its unique properties of sharpness, transparency, innovativeness, beauty and versatility,Glass is the most trusted and proven choice for those seeking wellness and creativity. Keeping in mind these wonderful properties, we have selected 'Glass' as the theme of the year 2022-23.

Having been a touch point of celebration, commerce, culture and science, the year 2022-23, marked as the ' The Year of Glass' shall be a remarkable one with multiple events planned to celebrate the incomparable characteristics of Glass in all forms. From holding the blue gold to the dazzling flame, Glass proves its versatility in numerous ways. 'Think Sharp', 'Be Transparent', 'Reflect the Truth'; We need to develop these qualities.

Let us affirm these unparalleled potentials of Glass and its use in various forms; beneficial to the planet and to the generations that will follow us!