Paper folder (18th June 2016)


Students of Std 7th and 8th made paper folders for storing A 4 size papers. They used handmade papers, chart papers etc to make their folders. Then they created lovely designs on them to decorate them. They used interesting themes like educational tools, minions, paper collage to make their folders look appealing and ready to store their important school documents and papers.

The result of the competition is as follows:

Std Name Postiion
7th A Kapadia Ishita Hemal 1st
7th A Khanna Sanjivni Kailash 2nd
7th B Vanawala Unnati Romin 1st
7th B Kapadia Tanisha Ravi 2nd
7th C Bunki Mansi Parixit 1st
7th C Nangalia Vanshika Sandeep 2nd
7th D Rana Maitri Dharmesh 1st
7th D Mothwala Nishtha Mayur 2nd 
8th A Shah Brahmi 1st
8th A Sanspora Meera 2nd
8th B Shah Vriti Kavish 1st
8th B Shah Bhavi Nilesh 2nd
8th C Jariwala Kashish Manish 1st
8th C Jariwala Anishi Jignesh 2nd
8th D Patel Shruti Dilip 1st
8th D Togadia Purva Pankaj 2nd


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