Picture Collage (25th June 2016)


When the famous artist Matisse was older, he was diagnosed with cancer and confined to a wheelchair. Anxious from the thought of not being able to sculpt or paint, he turned to collage to express his artistic voice. Matisse called it “painting with scissors.” Children love this approach to making a collage and they come up with lovely colour combinations and different textures to make their creation interesting and unique.
A picture collage making competition was held for the students of std 1st to 4th and whoa what lovely work we witnessed.
Keep it up girls!


Father of picture collage (Henri Matisse)

The result of the competition is as follows:

Std Name Position
1st A Pikawala Rajvi 1st
1st A Patel Princy 2nd
1st B Kadiwala Vaibhavi 1st 
1st B Doctor Yashka 2nd
1st C Malavia Richa 1st
1st C Maru Hashtee 2nd
1st D Jariwala Yashi 1st 
1st D Gotawala Hetvi 2nd


Std Name Position
2nd A Hathiwala Jiya 1st
2nd A Shreya Shaji 2nd
2nd B Kapadia Suhanai 1st
2nd B Shah Mehaa 2nd
2nd C Shah Kavya 1st
2nd C Gamit Shakanina 2nd
2nd D Patel Prachi 1st
2nd D Patek Mishael 2nd
Std Name Position
3rd A Mehta Vanshika 1st
3rd A Patel Devanshi 2nd
3rd B Kapadia Zeel  1st
3rd B Sardar Maitreyee 2nd
3rd C Patel Priyanshi 1st
3rd C Modi Dia 2nd
3rd D Sonani Avdhi 1st
3rd D Nemlaswala Priyanshi 2nd
Std Name Position
4th A Roy Devi 1st
4th A Asopa Akshata 2nd
4th B Lekhadia Shreya 1st
4th B Patel Ayman 2nd
4th C Patel Tashvi 1st
4th C Jhawar Pavani 2nd
4th D Shapariya Shreya 1st
4th D Reshamwala Dhritiksha 2nd


Events Photo