Paper weight (13th June 2016)


Students of std 5th and 6th made a paper weight to gift to their Fathers on Father's Day. Their love for their father reflected in their work and efforts to create the best gift ever for their loving Dads.

The winners of the competition are

Position Name std
1st Aashna Gulu Gulwani 5th C
2nd  Priyanshi Jignesh Khatri  5th A
3rd Disha Tejash Mistry 5th B
Position Name Std
1st Juhi Sanjay Yadav  6th C
2nd Suhani Rahim Marfatia  6th A
3rd Priyanka Jagdish Punjabi  6th C
4th Tvisha Praful Ramani  6th E


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