Diwali Celebration


From darkness to the light that empowers us to commit ourselves to good deeds, that which brings us closer to divinity; lights illuminate every corner of India during Diwali and the scent of incense sticks hang in the air, mingled with the sounds of fire-crackers, joy, togetherness and hope.

The celebration of Diwali ,'The festival of lights' came alive at Lourdes Convent School, when the whole school wore a festive look with Diyas and lanterns adorning the corridors and the stage in bright colours. The rangoli done by students the previous day added the perfect setting to the festivity. The Principal lit the lamp to begin the assembly on the auspicious occasion. The song 'Diwali Aayee' brought out the essence of the festival -celebration of life and goodness. Students talked about the significance of the festival - how good always conquered the evil and also about why and how Diwali is celebrated across India. Besides sensitizing students to the ill-effects of crackers, they also shared the guidelines on being safe while bursting them. The students showcased the spirit of Diwali through a mesmerising dance performance. The assembly concluded with Sister Bindhu giving away the message of a clean, peaceful and a bright Diwali.

Events Photo