Molela Art Session


Molela is a small, non descript village in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, situated on the banks of the river Banas.

The distinction here lies in the terracotta plaques made here, only here all over India. Made as a flat surface, unlike the usual idols made elsewhere, this craft is unique in design.

This craft has existed since generations and caters to the tribals who travel from as far as Madhya Pradesh to buy them every year.

There is a legend behind this unique craft that claims that there was a blind potter, who dreamt of God Devnararyan (Dharmaraja). The God asked him to dig clay at a particular place and make his image. The next morning, his sight was restored. He made the God’s image to fulfill his promise. Thus the future generations took to this craft.

Molela clay is muddy in colour. It is dug from the banks of Banas river, 2 kms away from Molela on Nathdwara Road. Each potter has his own spot for digging based on his own previous experiences. For the colours, they use natural stone and mineral colours.

National Award Winner Shri. Prashant Kumar came to Lourdes Covent to teach this unique art to the members of the creative club. He demonstrated how to use the clay to make an Eco-friendly Ganesh Idol and a Molela terracotta plaque too. The children were impressed by his simplicity and unique art. The girls promised to keep this dying art alive by learning it and understanding its value.


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