Freedom in nature


Wining entry (Priyanshi Savani and Nishi Relia)

"My body is a cage
That keeps me from dancing with the one I love
But my mind holds the key"

The mountains collapse bit by bit
Like a long lost memory,
Trying to fit into the corners of my mind;
Time demands for a new to be born,
And bury the self I adore,
To let the pieces fall
Because if I don't, I'll never see the end.
Being caged here makes me feel claustrophobic
The walls are closing. I can't see them. But I can feel the suffocation.
'Cause now I'm up to the point where I could trade my all, for a new home, for being free from all.
I want to look back,
But I run.
I want to stop for a while and breathe,
But I run.

"I'm standing on a stage,
Of fear and self-doubt,
It’s a hollow play,
But they'll clap anyway.
My body is a cage."
Tongue tied in knots,
Keeps shutting me up.
I see things in a way,
Hear them separated.
At times, they seem real,
At times, just surreal.
"Hallucinations," they say.
I lose restrain, each passing day,
'Cause no matter what they say,
The truth is, your real-self has to have a mask,
Or has to let go of.
Set my spirit free.
Let me be.
Let me be.

I resented myself,
Bruised my mind,
And burned my desires.
'cause I was reminded:
That I'm only a crack in this castle of glass.

"I'm living in an age,
That calls darkness light,
Though my language is dead,
Still the shapes fill my head.
My body is a cage."
My own dreams tailored for the world,
Only seemed insane to me.
Because the colours of the world,
Are really real,
Only when you see them on the screen.

At times, I'm taken over by myself.
Happiness is gulped by the evil.
The numb soul croons in pain,
Blurred is the vision,
No peace to gain.
At other times, I'm so elated,
Soul rests under the shade of a tree,
Heartbeats so fast,
Mind forgets the wrong from the past.
However right now,
No emotions flow inside,
In numbness and quietness,
I want to ride,
Ride in the nothingness of vacuum.

"You are standing next to me
My mind holds the key.
Set my spirit free."
I’ve learnt to sew my wings back
And rejuvenate my conscience
I’m going to set my body free
Run down to the river and drown
To see what it’s like to get clean.
I’ll grow like a flame that becomes a wildfire
And they’ll watch me burn and I will burn
As I set myself free, free to see
A sense of peace.


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