Self composed Poems


Save That Child

Smile was a stranger.

To the teary eyes,

Washing away the soul.

Studies! Studies! And Studies surrounded his life

Words tumbled—numbers bounced!

Seven was a nose upside down.

But….but…. colors made his life

Brushes he knew of every sizes

Removing his frustration on paper

Colours spilled everywhere.

                        -Nishtha Jariwala.

Some things better left behind

I realized, 

I’ve lost the things that filled my heart till now

Supporting and encouraging me

And making me smile.

Like the wind they slipped through,

Looking as though they would reach me, but didn’t.

That I’d lost them,

Was too much to consider….

My chest, tightened by loneliness and despair

But I moved on.

It will be alright this time, I assure 

After all, some things are better left behind.

                                        -Tanisha Gandhi.



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